Deriving Insight from Data

Andrew Analytics uses the most advanced data science, mathematics, and statistical analysis to help you understand your data and deliver actionable insights.


Your Data... Simplified.

Understanding your data does not have to be complicated. From large corporations to small startups Andrew Analytics believes that everyone should have access to the insights derived from their data. Andrew Analytics uses the most advanced data science and mathematics to help you understand your company... simply.

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Lets Work Together.

Andrew Analytics is always looking for new and exciting data projects and research opportunities. If you have a project idea or would be interested in a data consultation please reach out.

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What makes Andrew Analytics different?

Andrew Analytics believes that every organization should have access to high quality data analysis and artificial intelligence services. The advanced mathematics and scientific tools should be accessible to all to make the world a better place.

  • Data Consultation

    Do you have a data set that you are interested in exploring? Arrange a consultation with one of our data scientists. Andrew Analytics can examine the set and suggest what possible tools would be right for your organization.

  • Academic Support

    Are you a scientist or a researcher? Andrew Analytics is committed to advancing our understanding of the world around us and supports the academic initiatives of fellow researchers, students, institutions, and scientists. 

    If you are a researcher or an academic in need of data support please reach out to me to collaborate on your academic project.

  • Partnerships

    Andrew Analytics is proud to partner with forward thinking organizations bringing our data and project management expertise into our professional relationship. If you are a startup and are looking to incorporate data into your value proposition Andrew Analytics would be interested in adding your organization into our diverse portfolio of startups.