Andrew is a certified Project Management Professional™ as well as a Blockchain and Finance Professional™ Consultant whose focus is on using data science to add value to his client’s value proposition. Andrew has spent his professional career working with start-up organizations and small businesses responding to the changing technological landscape.

Andrew received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago and is researching Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. where he is a Masters of Science in Data Science candidate.

Picture of Northwestern University's Seal

Northwestern University

Master of Science in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
Expected 2022

I currently study Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL in the Master of Science of Data Science degree program.

Previously I completed the Business Analytics 4 quarter certificate program where I studied advanced analytics in the context of business applications such as financial modeling, production optimization, and predictive analytics.

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DePaul University

Certificate in Project Management

My education in Project Management at DePaul focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of planning, executing, and delivering a project, which is a temporary endeavor which produces a unique product or service, within given constraints, such as cost, budget, and schedule. There are 10 core subject areas in project management which we examined in detail over 5 domains (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing): Risk Management, Integration Management, Cost Management, Schedule Management, Scope Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Management, Communications Management, Procurement Management, and Stakeholder Management.

Loyola University Chicago

Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude
Philosophy (Honors Track), English (Honors Track)

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Loyola University Chicago where I received a Liberal Arts Education. I studied in the Philosophy honors program as well as the English honors program. My specialization in Philosophy is Philosophy of Science which examines what ‘Science’ is, the epistemological limitations of science, and models of understanding science, mathamatics, etc. In English my focus was on Critical Theory and linguistic theory, with an interest in deconstructionism and speech acts.

My thesis in Philosophy examined what a scientific paradigm is and its relationship to a truth statement. I examined philosophical theories of science beginning with Plato to modern physics using the contemporary works of Philosophers Thomas Kuhn and W.V.O.Quine.

My thesis in English examined how each of the sciences had been represented in literature, paying specific attention to the Renaissance period where practitioners of science were accused of witchcraft.

Benet Academy


Founded in 1887, Benet Academy is an esteemed competitive Roman Catholic college preparatory academy in Lisle, Illinois. I played Varsity Football and served as the President of the Debate team – two experiences that I credit as pivotal to my later academic success and my character.